Bhaskar Punj Foundation

Helping people for visit religious places

Bhaskar Punj foundation helping people for visit religious places in India.

Having an upper hand in the country, spirituality has propelled many ordinary destinations into significant religious places in India. – Key religious attractions.

Millions person every year to these pilgrimage places in India to take a dip in the sacred river Ganges.

We help underprivilege people in the society to travel on religious and visiting places where people celebrate happiness and different religions

In religion and spirituality, the pilgrimage has great significance. Members of the faith We help person and help theme to visit religious place for witness the direct wisdom from the scared place.

We organized people and support who are not able to visit at punj place. We believe that a world without religious value would not be healthier. We are doing our bit to ensure that make change in the society.

‘To help individuals and communities break the cycle of poverty that prevents them from reaching their full potential.