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Building a scholarship fund for poor and studious children. We share a common dream, goal and had come together to contribute towards society & people development with focus in the area of child education, development and women empowerment

Our purpose of existence is to enhance the lives of disadvantaged children and women, and to offer a positive direction and a healthier approach towards their life.

This leads to better health and increased income opportunities. Without it, many children remain trapped in a life of poverty and hardship

We have made their education our mission. You too can support online to ensure that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of a child’s education.

Support online and take them a step closer to their dreams. Bhaskar Punj Foundation work with the education of children in the villages across Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR*

Without the scholarship support; these children cannot access or afford the high-quality school education.

Sponsors are matched with specific students and receive regular updates including photos, letters and progress reports.

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